When the US re-established diplomatic relations with Cuba in 2015, it opened a door for AirBnB and others to enter this market for the first time. In a matter of weeks AirBnB created a wide, cross-functional team capable of creating the infrastructure needed to enter into this highly-specific market. Once they had accomplished their mission they disbanded again, as on-going operations could now be managed out of existing departments. AirBnB describes these as "elastic, vision-driven" teams and are key to their agile approach.

AirBnB use maps to ensure they have the "right" type of Project Managers (PMs) leading the different types of teams of they need (Pioneers, Settlers and Town Planners) on projects. They have observed that "much of the work of product management is making sure everybody understands the what and the why [while] leaving it up to teams to figure out how to actually make that happen empowers them to do better and find more meaning in their work."
According to AirBnB, when "done right, the work of these three types of PMs forms a loop that makes the difference between a billion-dollar company and a one-hit wonder."