Economic Rules of the Game

You might think business has become more uncertain, but not everything is unpredictable. There are "economic rules of the game."

Changes in the business landscape are being driven by known forces, described in 30 established economic models: from the 'Componentisation Effect' (Herbert Simon) to the 'Innovation Paradox' (Salaman & Storey) and the 'Red Queen Effect' (Van Valen).

You don't have a choice about the "economic rules of the game." They are changing your landscape whether you want them to or not.

But armed with a map of your landscape and how the "rules of the game" are changing it you can anticipate the future better.

Organisations who anticipate the future not only adapt more quickly but can influence it as well.

You'll be an early mover, able to exploit new strategic options by investing in the right technologies, the right skills and the right markets ahead of your rivals.