Strategy Made Simple
How to Read a Wardley Map
Successful strategy needs Situational Awareness
1. The Importance of Situational Awareness
2. Mapping your Landscape
2a. Training: Mapping Your Landscape (Value Chain)
Password: landscape2021
2b. Training: Mapping Your Landscape (Evolution)
Password: landscape2021
3. Economic Rules of the Game
The wise leader knows that the landscape does not stand still. The future may be unpredictable but you can apply recurring patterns of change to your maps to anticipate how your industry will evolve. The 'rules of the game' are 30 economic patterns that will help you discover WHERE your options are.
3a. Training: Core Climate Patterns (Part 1)
Password: climate2022
3b. Training: Core Climate Patterns (Part 2)
Password: climate2022
3c. Theoretical Climate Patterns
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4. Principles for Increasing Adaptivity Intelligence (AQ)
5. Move Maker