Plans Cost Money —
Moves Make Money

The world may be changing too fast to bother with strategic plans, but strategy is about making choices that distinguish you from the competition.

So, forget about making plans that don't survive contact with reality and start making moves that shape the future to your advantage.
Strategy Made Simple

Mastering Strategy, Simply!

1. Map How You Create Value Today
With Wardley Maps, a light but powerful tool for visualising business landscapes
2. Anticipate How Your Industry Will Change
Apply 30 economic models to your maps to identify new strategic options
3. Increase Adaptivity Intelligence (AQ)
Adopt 40 universal principles (habits & skills) to improve your organisations's ability to execute
4. Make Moves
Stop creating plans that cost money and start making moves that make money, fast
5. Knowledge Transfer
Master Real-Time Strategy and never pay another strategy consultant to show you the way again!