Mapping Method

How to Read a Wardley Map
Successful strategy needs Situational Awareness
1. The Importance of Situational Awareness
In a changing and unpredictable world you need to discover quickly where your options are. You're going to need to see what's going on around you and anticipate how it's changing. This is Situational Awareness — the key skill that distinguishes wise leaders from foolish ones.
2. Mapping your Landscape
Wise leaders have a knack for out-thinking and out-manoeuvring rivals. They start with a map so they can see the current situation more clearly and learn where their options for action are. In fact, most of us use maps to do exactly this in our daily lives but we don't do this in business. Why?
3. Economic Rules of the Game
The wise leader knows that the landscape does not stand still. The future may be unpredictable but you can apply recurring patterns of change to your maps to anticipate how your industry will evolve. The 'rules of the game' are 30 economic patterns that will help you discover WHERE your options are.
4. Principles for Increasing Adaptivity Intelligence (AQ)
Once you have awareness about where you're going to attack the market and the moves you can make you need to make sure you can execute. The greater your organisation's Adaptivity Intelligence (AQ) the more effectively it will be able to act. You increase your AQ by adopting 40 key principles (habits and skills).
5. Move Maker
Once multiple options for action have been identified the wise leader will use logic and intuition to decide WHY to make these moves over those. By making moves faster and more effortlessly than rivals you can start to manipulate the landscape to your advantage. Because moves make money!
PowerMaps and Wardley Maps

PowerMaps are based on Wardley Maps, the fastest growing approach to effective strategy and execution in the world — provided Creative Commons 4.0 courtesy of Simon Wardley.

Maps are being used increasingly by leading organisations, from Amazon to Netflix, Salesforce to AirBnB, and NASA to the UN to meet a range of critical needs. With maps you see what's going on around you and how it's changing so you can identify opportunities, reduce waste and create real strategy.

The PowerMaps proposition is about enabling organisations to benefit from this powerful approach quickly and effectively — so you too can start outcompeting the competition today.