Use a common language

A common language is a necessity for effective cross-silo collaboration. In any organisation many different types of people must work together (sales, marketing, finance, IT operations, HR etc.) and they need something to help them understand things in the same way. But if you're using different tools to communicate across silos (business process diagrams, IT systems diagrams, excel spreadsheets etc) then you'll end up with translation errors, misalignment and confusion as these tools can look like foreign languages to those outside the silo. 

This is why companies often value people skilled in multiple areas who can act as translators. However, a soldier doesn't need to know how to sail a boat to work with someone from the Navy, nor does a sailor need to know how to operate a mortar to work with the Army. They use maps to collaborate and co-ordinate. The problem in business is the lack of a common language, like maps, and using instead multiple tools to try and explain the same thing to different silos rather than using one (e.g. a map) that clearly shows what you're doing so others can understand why. 
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