Adapt or die

If the current churn rate continues then 75% of today's S&P 500 incumbents will topple off it by 2027. Despite all the advantages — resources, reputation & relationships — the future of even the largest, most successful companies isn't guaranteed. Why?

The brutal reality is that no organisation can avoid a disruptive triple threat: 

  1. New technologies creating more desirable products (iPhone over Blackberry) 
  2. Rivals that 'wow' customers better (Under Armour, Netflix) 
  3. Industry 'wars' where the slow-moving behemoths get maimed (New York Times, Dell).

Today's advantages provide no guarantees in a world of accelerated evolutionary warfare. If organisations are to survive or thrive then Executives can't copy even today's most successful companies as there is no guarantee they aren't copying tomorrow's losers instead.
Situational Awareness