Why us.

We have a huge amount of practical business experience. We also pioneer the use of Wardley Maps in developing economies, helping commercial firms leap-frog international rivals (rather than just trying to copy and paste them).

We recognise that most business problems are symptoms of deeper issues. We take a systemic approach to addressing those causes in order to improve organisational performance everywhere. This is a complete management approach to dealing with many of your most critical business challenges.

Our services are provided in person and supported by free access to the PowerMaps Portal where all materials are stored for easy access. Our aim is to transfer our knowledge to you as quickly as possible so you and your teams can get on with making your organisation the best it can be.

Marcus Guest
Co-founder, PowerMaps

Marcus Guest MBA (Warwick Business School, UK) helps commercial organisations prosper in a uncertain world. Advises and trains leaders around the world in cutting-edge strategy methods. Lectures in 'Complexity & Innovation' at the National University of Science & Technology, MISiS (Moscow).

Marcus spent a decade in senior management roles at a Scandinavian multi-national, a Russian holding company and US-owned professional services firm. After several years as a strategy consultant in a global consulting firm he learned why organisations shouldn't follow management consulting advice.

Marcus believes mapping is the meta-tool many leaders have been looking for. Maps develop 'situational awareness' -- the ability to see what's going on, understand how it's changing and create options for action. It's the antidote to relying on out-dated management consulting practices or unreliable gut feel.

Andrey Klenin
Co-founder, PowerMaps

Andrey Klenin, MBA (Columbia & London Business School) helps FMCG, retail and financial firms with complex organisational change and digital strategy. He advises executives on digital strategy and teaches 'Change Management' at SkillBox.ru as well as lecturing at numerous business schools.

Andrey held executive positions for 20+ years in large companies such as MTS and Ulmart. He's a member of the National Association of Independent Directors (NAND) and has served on dozens of boards. He recognises that, in a more turbulent world, boards need new approaches to strategy.

Andrey argues that PowerMaps are the right tool for companies to overcome current threats and adapt for the future. They enable teams to optimise business assets, processes and IT infrastructure. They also help leaders develop a portfolio of missions to achieve the goals set by shareholders.

International Partner
Dr. Iwan Jenkins
Dr Iwan Jenkins runs The Riot Point - a leadership consultancy based in Toronto, Canada.

For the past 20 years he's been providing pragmatic advice to companies around the world to hone their strategies. He lectures at business schools and conferences on applied strategy. He uses maps for clients to enable them to navigate the challenges of a complex world more effectively.

He pioneers the Kirton Adaptivity-Innovator (KAI) Inventory to help teams understand whether they are Pioneers, Settlers or Town Planners so they know where they are needed on the map.