In a rapidly changing world do you know what's really happening around you? Can you shape the landscape to your advantage? Can you do this faster than your rivals?
Today's Most Critical Questions
Technological breakthroughs and changing economic environments are making business more complex for organisations. Yet management approaches have failed to improve sufficiently to meet these challenges. As a result many leaders today are forced to tackle 21st century problems with 20th century tools and most find that they're coming up short. What's needed is a way to quickly identify and confidently make the next best moves possible. This requires returning to first principles.
Making Strategic Moves
Wardley Maps combine visualisation, economics, behavioural science and game theory to create awareness of what's currently happening and how the situation is changing. With maps you'll be able to see and challenge the assumptions underlying your industry and identify innovative moves to make. You'll not only be able to adapt to change better but you'll also start shaping the landscape to your advantage as well.
How to Read a Wardley Map
Our Proposition

Companies like Amazon, Netflix, and Shopify are using Wardley maps to visualise landscapes and out-manoeuvre rivals. And we're offering you the chance to rapidly deploy maps in your organisation, so you too can start outcompeting your rivals.