To win the empire, one must:
Govern the state by being straightforward;
And wage war by being crafty.

To win in business, one must:

Lead the organisation with a light touch;
And make moves rivals won't respond to.
— Tao Te Ching (Chapter 57)
The Lost Art of Strategy

How to Win

Great leaders always seem to have the knack for making the right moves. Why? Watch the video to find out.
Mapping How to Win
In an uncertain world the past doesn't provide a good map for what we need to do today. But with a Wardley Map you gain a clear visualisation of your next steps and how to win.
Wardley Maps help teams overcome communication issues and align around a common direction. They also help in discovering new opportunities, removing waste, organising teams more effectively and determining the strategy for an organisation.

Released under Creative Commons license 4.0 maps can be deployed quickly with no technology investment, making them both an efficient and effective way to radically improve your ability to compete in a changing world.
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