Move Makers

Develop an in-house strategic intelligence team
Identify your next best moves, whenever and wherever you need to

Who is this for?

Leaders and organisations that want to win.

What problem does this solve?

Many organisations confuse 'strategy' with annual planning and budgeting. But in a world that's changing in unpredictable ways 'a plan is not a strategy' as you don't control all the variables.

Instead of making yet another plan that fails to survive contact with reality, discover how to make better strategic moves all year round and learn to course-correct as you go.

How does this work?

In 3 x 3 hour sessions we train a team in the Wardley Mapping method so they can confidently:

  1. Map a business landscape
  2. Anticipate how the industry is changing
  3. Identify better strategic moves.

We provide a report with recommendations for your next best moves and transfer all materials so your new, strategic intelligence team have the tools they need to help you identify better moves all year round and guide effective execution.
This has been a game-changer. People are making better decisions right across the company and implementing faster because they understand what we're doing now. We've also seen innovation coming from some quite unexpected quarters.
Michael, managing director (manufacturing industry)
Want To Learn More?
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How many people do you train?
A team of four engaged professionals from various departments is the optimal number in our experience.

What's the right profile for this team?
High-potential staff with at least one person who knows your customers (ex, marketing), someone who knows your operations (ex, production) and someone who knows the technologies you use (i.e. IT).

How much time do they need to commit?
Three workshops of three hours each, usually conducted over three weeks. The team will also need to commit a further day between workshops one and two to finalise the maps they create.

Can leaders also attend this program?
Yes, we encourage a leader (or two) to attend the second and third workshops, which focus on how to use maps to discover strategic options and identify better moves.