Thinking Partner

Retained mapping expertise
On-call strategic expertise, whenever you need it
Who is this for?
Leaders who have their own Strategic Intelligence team (developed on the Move Makers program) and who now want an independent perspective on strategic moves currently under consideration.
What problem does this solve?
At some point the training has to stop and the action has to start. This service combines your industry experience with our mapping knowledge to start out-thinking and out-moving your rivals.
How does this work?
You have priority access to a Thinking Partner to work with you on your most pressing problems. The aim is to make major breakthroughs in identifying the right moves to make and how to execute more effectively.
It's difficult to measure the value of someone challenging your thinking, but we dodged a few bullets as we were convinced not to launch a couple of projects that some people internally had been pushing pretty hard for. I estimate these alone saved us several million euros of wasted investment and months of time.
Lars, CFO (Retailer)
Know Wardley Maps?
Let's discuss how you can take things to the next level

What qualifies you to be a Thinking Partner?
We've spent years in various industries as general managers and have been using Wardley Maps to help organisations like yours for some time now.

Are you qualified to make decisions in my industry?
You're the boss so you make the decisions. We provide you the outside perspective you need to make sure you're not missing anything important.

What results can I expect?
Our focus is on helping you identify and make smarter moves faster. But ultimately, the aim is to help you out-compete rivals by being smarter and moving faster than them.