Thinking Partner

Retained mapping expertise
On-call strategic expertise, whenever you need it

Who is this for?

Those who are already knowledgeable about Wardley Maps and want to dive deeper into the Mapping Playbook in order to make moves rivals won't be able to respond to.

What problem does this solve?

At some point the training has to stop so the action can start. Combine your industry expertise with our mapping knowledge so you can start out-thinking and out-moving your rivals.

How does this work?

You get priority access to a Thinking Partner who will work with you on your most pressing problems whenever you need it.
It's difficult to measure the value of someone challenging your thinking, but taking an outside-in perspective with the aid of a map definitely helped us dodge a few bullets that saved us several million euros of wasted investment and months of time.
Lars, CFO (Retailer)
Already Know Wardley Maps?
Let's discuss how you can take things to the next level

What qualifies you to be a Thinking Partner?
We've spent years working in various industries as general managers and consultants using Wardley Maps to help organisations just like yours.

Are you qualified to make decisions in my industry?
You're the boss, so you make the decisions. We provide you the outside-in perspective you need to make sure you're not missing anything important.

What results can I expect?
Identifying smarter moves faster and executing more effectively than your rivals do.