Visualise the Situation

Get a fresh perspective on an intractable problem
Resolve problems faster by seeing the bigger picture more clearly first

Who is this for?

Decision-makers who want to cut through the noise of powerpoints and spreadsheets and see the situation more clearly.

What problem does this solve?

Leaders have to make multiple decisions every day and draw on their experience and common sense for most of these. But some situations are more challenging and require a different approach. However, instead of slow expensive analysis that can lead to decision making paralysis, map the situation instead and learn how to quickly discover new sources of value.

How does this work?

We use AI to turn your problem into clear and simple visualisation so you can discover new insights, gain foresight and make decisions that drive your business forward.

The only thing we need from you are your answers to the three questions below and an hour of your time to customise the map to your situation.
Simply Let Us Know
What problem are you trying to solve?
Who benefits most from solving this?
What else do those people want?
First Engagement Free
I use Wardley Maps to explore strategic situations and define moves for me and my team. Maps are a great tool to clarify and safely challenge assumptions within a team.
Sergey, head of agile transformation office (finance industry)

First one free! Where's the catch?
We believe you'll find a map valuable, so we make it risk free for you to try. So, what do you have to lose?

How will a map help us?
If you were lost in an unfamiliar city but someone handed you a map you could use it to find your way again. This is what a Wardley Map of your current business situation can do for you.

What kind of analysis do you provide?
We use our expertise in Wardley Mapping to provide fresh insights into how you can resolve your problem in a more effective and efficient way.

Will you treat our information as confidential?
Absolutely. We never discuss who we work with.