Visualise the Situation

AI map and rapid analysis
See the bigger picture clearer. Resolve big challenges faster
Who is this for?
Decision-makers who want to take a moment to consider their options and look before they leap.
What problem does this solve?
Leaders make multiple decisions every day and draw on their experience and common sense for this. But some situations are more challenging. However, efforts to resolve these can descend into endless analysis and planning, which is slow and expensive. Fortunately, there's another way: Map the situation, get a fresh perspective and discover unique options for action.
How does this work?
The most powerful question in business is: "What problem are you trying to solve⁠?" because leaders who can articulate this focus the attention of their people on what matters most.

Therefore, if you can articulate the problem you are trying to solve we can visualise it for you. Using AI, we will map it out and work with you to quickly customise it to your situation. This will give you, and your team, the ability to see the situation more clearly and start connecting dots quicker.
I use Wardley Maps to explore strategic situations and define moves for me and my team. Maps are a great tool to clarify and safely challenge assumptions within a team.
Sergey, head of agile transformation office (finance industry)
Let Us Know:
What problem are you trying to solve?
Who benefits most from solving this?
What else do those people want?
First Engagement Free

First one free! Where's the catch?
No catch. We believe you'll find what we do valuable, so we offer the first engagement free to make it risk free for you to try. So what do you have to lose?

How do you create the map?
Once you've sent us answers to the three questions above we use several AI tools to create a useful map of the situation. Then we spend an hour with you to customise it to your specific situation.

What kind of analysis do you provide?
We use our expertise in Wardley Maps, coupled with our own business experience, to provide unique insights into how you can resolve your problem in a more effective and efficient way.

Will you treat our information as confidential?
Absolutely. We never discuss who we work with.