Adaptive Leadership

Learn the skills and habits of some of the world's most successful organisations
Develop next-generation leaders capable of exploiting change
Who is this for?
The Adaptive Leadership program is designed for organisations seeking to thrive in a rapidly changing world by training leaders to adapt quickly and effectively to change, without ever leaving the workplace. Successful engagements are curated by forward-thinking HR Directors with the support of senior leaders.
What problem does this solve?
Organisations need their people to step up to the challenges of a more uncertain world. Yet traditional leadership development programs come up short: Taking people away from their workplace, training them in theories based on yesterday's 'best practices' and providing minimal follow-up support, meaning leaders are left to figure things out for themselves. Isn't it time to rethink how we develop leaders?
How does this work?
Instead of taking leaders out of the workplace for training, the Adaptive Leadership program brings the training to where the action is. Together with their team, leaders work through 12 monthly workbooks (each building on the previous one) that have been customised (with you) to deliver practical business outcomes.

Leaders learn 40 key principles that will enable them to:

1. Communicate clearly at all levels
2. Develop critical skills within teams
3. Make operations more effective (and not just more efficient)
4. Accelerate organisational learning
5. Lead strategically
6. Structure teams to adapt constantly to change.
For us it was very important that our leaders could concentrate on the current situation in order to achieve the company's goals. This program provided leaders with the skills they needed to step up and implement new technologies without having to detach them from their current duties.
Olga, HR Director (logistics company)
How Adaptive Are You Today?
Find out by taking the Adaptivity Intelligence (AQ) Assessment.

Who is this program for?

All leaders should excel in these six key areas, but we suggest running this program for 'next generation' leaders first.

How many participants can attend the program?
We suggest a small group at first, so the senior leader has time to turn insights into action at the end of each month. However, once we've customised the program for you it's yours to re-run as often as you like.

How do you customise workbooks?
We go through each workbook with you in advance to modify exercises so they deliver practical outcomes relevant to your business. We also re-design the workbook to match your corporate brand.

How much time do participants need to commit each month?
Generally speaking, it'll be from half to one day a month. However, it's important to note that the program will help leaders and their team perform their roles better — therefore the training saves time, not wastes it.