Adapt Quicker by Using Guiding Principles to:

1. Communicate better between teams
2. Develop critical skills within teams
3. Operate effectively (as well as efficiently)
4. Accelerate organisational learning
5. Lead more strategically
6. Structure teams to adapt naturally to change.

Introduction to Principles

Wouldn't you like to have the finest ship in the fleet with the most capable crew? Watch the video to find out about practical stuff that works and can be implemented with minimal fuss.
Use a Common Language
Want to understand what others are talking about so you make smarter decisions faster? Watch the video to learn more

Focus on User Needs

What's the biggest mistake that most organisations make? Watch to find out.
Know Your Users
Customers are not your only users and this can have serious implications for your organisation. Watch to learn more.
Think Small (know the details)
How does a large organisation improve operations while cutting costs at the same time? Watch to find out.
Challenge Assumptions
How can you bring the organisation's collective intelligence online? Watch to find out.
Understand What Is Being Considered
What is the most important skill leaders need to develop in a more volatile world? Watch to find out.
Use Appropriate Methods
Don't know what to outsource, buy, or build yourself? Want to know whether to 'do Agile' or not? Watch to learn how to answer these key questions.
Remove Bias and Duplication
What's the biggest source of waste in every organisation and how can you get rid of it? Watch to find out.
Bias Towards Data
You will either become a learning organisation or you will be out-competed by one that is. Watch to find out how you can become the predator and not the prey.