Introducing Wardley Mapping
Wardley Mapping is courtesy of Simon Wardley and licensed Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike
In business, situational awareness is everything. To make better decisions and stay ahead of the curve you need to see the current landscape clearly and anticipate change earlier. With superior situational awareness you'll be better equipped to tackle challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve long-term success.
1. The Importance of Situational Awareness
Situational awareness is about understanding the environment you're in, anticipating what could happen next, and making informed decisions. With superior situational awareness you'll identify and seize more opportunities. Without situational awareness you'll just be reacting, not leading.
2. Mapping your Landscape
Without a map you're lost in a sea of uncertainty, making decisions based on incomplete information, and vulnerable to the ever-changing landscape of business. But with a map you can anticipate and adapt to changes, innovate with confidence, and lead the way. That's why you should map your landscape today.
3. Economic Rules of the Game
Business climates are shaped by re-occurring economic rules of the game. Ignoring the climate when making decisions is to operate blindly and expose yourself to unnecessary risks. But understanding the climate means being able to identify emerging trends early and align with the forces shaping the market.
4. Becoming a Move Maker
Being a Move Maker means having the confidence to make bold, strategic decisions to propel your business forward. The mapping method lets you to see your landscape more clearly and understand how the rules of the game shape it. Now you'll see how a playbook can help you make moves you never thought possible.